Sarma is happy to announce that we currently have 2 parking lot options available for our guests! 

The first option is located next to the restaurant at the lot labeled ‘ABJ Customer Parking’, available after 5 PM, 7 days a week. This is the lot to the left of Sarma if you are facing the restaurant (to the left, past Marshall St. which is a one-way street). The entrance to the lot is located on Pearl Street and is surrounded by a chain-link fence. Limited spots… first come first served! * Please note, the back lot does not belong to Sarma; please do not park in the 2nd half of the lot (to avoid being accidentally locked in overnight). If you have questions, call 617 764 4464. 

The second option is located on School Street; School is a one way street which can be accessed by taking a left onto School from Medford Street. Simply go past the bridge/train tracks, about halfway between Medford & Highland, and turn left into the big open lot (just before the red brick & white-trim municipal building, also on the left hand side). Parking is available after 6 PM, 7 days a week. Please note there is NO overnight parking allowed, and NO parking during snow emergencies. The lot is a short 4-minute walk from Sarma. 

Please call 617 764 4464 for further information. Hope to see you here soon!